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Frequently asked questions about COVID-19

As of July 1, quarantine restrictions of COVID-19 are no longer in effect on the territory of Ukraine.

What about the COVID certificates?

The use and presence of a certificate on the territory of Ukraine is no longer mandatory - it is no longer necessary to provide a document for visits to public places.

However, when planning a trip abroad, it is necessary to find out the rules of entry in advance - each state makes independent decisions on the introduction of quarantine restrictions regarding various infectious diseases.

What about the vaccination against COVID-19?

Vaccination against COVID-19 can be carried out according to the doctor's decision at the patient's request. It is recommended, but not mandatory.

According to the positions of the National Technical Group of Experts on Immunoprophylaxis (NTGEI), in Ukraine, patients can primarily receive a basic course of vaccination (two doses for two-dose vaccines and one dose for one-dose Jcovden (formerly Janssen).

To restore the body's immune defense against COVID-19, it is recommended to receive revaccination (booster) doses. As of now, it can be 2 courses of revaccination. NTGEI will consider the decision regarding 3 revaccinations against COVID-19 at its next meeting.

Is a negative test result for COVID-19 required in case of planned hospitalization?

Because COVID-19 is still a particularly dangerous infection, testing for COVID-19 is currently required in case of planned hospitalization.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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