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Food for people diagnosed with diabetes

Food, for people diagnosed with diabetes, is not only about nutrition, but also about helping the body cope with the disease and controlling blood sugar levels. It is important to understand that diabetes nutrition is a system and a habit, not a temporary solution. So look for your pluses and favorite recipes so that you eat tasty and healthy.

In addition to the fact that WHAT a person eats is important, the regularity of eating is also important - with type 2 diabetes, it is best to eat three times a day at approximately the same time.

This helps the body to effectively use the hormone insulin, which it produces itself or receives in the form of injections of a dosage form, and uses to deliver glucose to the cells.

Avoid eating foods containing carbohydrates (grains, potatoes, pasta, bread and fruit, dairy products) in the evening.

The basis of the diet should be vegetables, fruits, proteins and whole grain products (cereals, whole grain flour products, etc.). Moreover, there should be more vegetables and less fruits, since fruits contain natural sugars. It is preferable to eat non-starchy vegetables, such as cucumbers, cabbage (white cabbage, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, broccoli), bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, onions. Half of every plate you eat should be made up of vegetables.

In addition to food, it is important to watch what you drink. Water is the best choice because it contains no calories and no carbohydrates and does not affect blood sugar levels. As an option, you can drink coffee, tea without sugar, carbonated water and diet drinks WITHOUT added sugar. If you don't have enough "taste", add berries, mint, cucumber, etc. to the water.

Control the amount of salt in your food. Although salt does not affect blood glucose levels, it is important to limit the amount of salty foods as part of diabetes control, as consuming large amounts of salt can contribute to high blood pressure.

Special risks are uncontrolled eating: sweets during stressful situations, snacks during TV shows or at the movies. How not to eat something not useful here? We advise you to pour yourself a separate portion, and not to eat snacks from a pack, so you can control the volume and not harm yourself.

Replace sweets with added sugar with fruits and berries.

You can always discuss your diet with your doctor, and you can also find more information about how to organize a diet for diabetes, about the plate method and the method of bread units here:


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