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February 27 - Anosmia Awareness Day

What is ANOSMIA?

Anosmia is a condition when a person loses the ability to distinguish smells.

If you have been sick with a coronavirus infection, then, most likely, you have felt what it is like, when even the coffee in the morning does not smell. After all, in 2020-2021, up to 80% of people with this disease experienced this symptom.

So, anosmia can be a symptom of a viral disease.

But not only covid.

The loss of the sense of smell can be organic, that is, the cause is brain damage!

A head injury that damages brain tissues or the presence of neoplasms in the areas responsible for the analysis of olfactory stimuli can also cause loss of the sense of smell.

Also interesting is the fact that smokers have a weakened sense of smell and taste compared to non-smokers.

This is another reason to get rid of this bad habit!

Loss of smell can be not only a consequence of health problems, but also cause other diseases or dangerous conditions

Research indicates that people who have lost their sense of smell are twice as likely to eat spoiled or poisonous food as compared to people without impairment.

The smell of smoke or gas can also warn of danger, and a person with an impaired sense of smell will not be able to feel it. Also, people with impaired sense of taste and/or smell may have problems with appetite: some eat too much, while others eat too little. This leads to rapid weight gain or weight loss, which can affect the physical and mental health of patients. Some people become depressed after losing their sense of smell, but the mechanism of this phenomenon is not fully understood.

In any case, if you have such a symptom - do not panic, but be sure to consult a doctor!

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