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Everything you need to know about rodent control measures

Deratization is a complex of measures aimed at the destruction of rats and mouse-like rodents in the human environment. Pest control measures are divided into preventive and exterminating measures:

1. Preventive measures are aimed at creating conditions that prevent the penetration, settlement and reproduction of rats and mice in buildings and in the surrounding area. They include:

☛ timely removal of garbage, storage of food in places inaccessible to rodents;

☛ ensuring the impossibility of rodents entering the middle of the building, etc.

2. Exterminating measures - mechanical and chemical methods are used:

2.1. The mechanical method is used indoors and in open areas with the use of mechanical devices for catching rodents:

☛spring trap;

☛mesh live trap for mice;

☛wire trap;

☛automatic trap for rats;

☛arc trap;

☛trap-poem for rats;

☛trap with sticky mass, etc.

They are installed at the entrance to the burrow, on the path of movement of rodents, in places that they visit most often. It is recommended to use traps for rats and mice as an additional method of deratization.

2.2. The chemical method consists in poisoning rodents with substances toxic to them - raticides. This method is implemented in the following ways: the use of poisoned charms; dusting holes, passages and other places with poisons; gassing, in which poisonous substances enter the lungs of rodents.

Pesticides must be used in all places where rodents are present, and continuously until they disappear. Rodenticides (rodenticides) are convenient to use in the form of ready-made forms of poisons, in particular:

☛ "Trap - bait #1 against rodents" (bait in the form of paraffined briquettes, pasty substance, grain mixture);

☛ "PROTECTOR against rodents" (bait in the form of paraffined briquettes, pasty substance, grain mixture);

☛ "Vertox Wax Block";

☛ "RATTUS" (dough briquettes, wax briquettes, grain mass).


deratization using the rodenticide bait "Trap - bait No. 1 against rodents" in the form of paraffin briquettes

1. Baits are placed in places inaccessible to children and pets, in places where rodents are found: under shelter, along walls, partitions, in dark corners, near burrows, in places of accumulation and storage of garbage, food products, etc.

2. The bait is laid out with the help of tweezers or a plastic spatula in special or adapted boxes: containers made of cardboard, plastic, pipe scraps, boxes, etc., which contributes to better storage and consumption of the bait by rodents, protects it from moisture, scattering, prevents eating by birds and pets.

3. When using the rodenticide bait "Trap - bait No. 1 against rodents" in the form of paraffin briquettes (ready-to-use poisonous bait), the rules for using the bait in closed rooms and open areas are as follows:

1. Consumption norms of the "TRAP" bait:

- 1 kg per 50-150 m2 in closed rooms,

- 2.5-5 kg per 1 ha of area in open areas.

2. In open areas, the bait should be protected from being eaten by non-target animals and birds. In the fields, the bait can be placed directly in the holes, followed by their filling. In the activity zone of domestic mice, the bait is spread over the entire volume of the room: on the floor, shelves, mezzanines, etc.

3. The presence of the bait is monitored after 1-2 days, and then with an interval of 1 time per week; if it has partially or completely disappeared, new portions are added, if it has not been occupied for more than a week, it is transferred to another place. Laying is stopped when the bait remains completely untouched by pests.

4. In remote and hard-to-reach places, briquettes placed in special containers can be left for a long time as a preventive measure. Observations are carried out at least twice a month.

5. Remains of bait (if they cannot be used a second time), as well as dead rodents, must be burned or buried in the ground to a depth of at least 50 cm, having previously been treated with a disinfectant. It is forbidden to bury the remains of bait and carcasses of rodents near water bodies and wells.

6. When carrying out deratization measures, it is necessary to observe precautionary measures in accordance with the "Instructions for the use of the deratization agent", the rules of personal hygiene and public safety. It is forbidden to smoke and eat during rodent control activities.

In order to carry out an effective set of deratization measures in residential, industrial, warehouse and other premises, you should contact specialized institutions that have permission to carry out these works, are equipped with qualified personnel and disinfestation agents, which are registered and allowed for use in Ukraine (contact tel. 2768690 )

Doctor-disinfectant of the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance (observation)

and prevention of infectious diseases of the State University "Lviv OTSKPH of the Ministry of Health"

Iryna Sysun

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