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Enhanced cholera epidemic surveillance continues in Ukraine

It starts on June 1 and ends in September, when the heat subsides.

Since the beginning of summer:

5,123 people with acute intestinal infection, suspected of cholera, were examined. In all cases, the causative agent of cholera was not detected;

5,909 samples of fresh and sea water were examined. Cholera strains were not detected in any case.

Additionally, enhanced monitoring of cholera was deployed in the regions affected by the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP:

3,334 people with acute intestinal infection were examined;

2,443 samples from environmental objects were investigated.

Suspicions of cholera were recorded in Zaporizhzhia and Chernihiv regions. Rapid tests showed positive results, but during the epidemic investigation and laboratory tests, the diagnosis was withdrawn.

Cholera is an acute diarrheal infection. Without proper treatment, it can lead to dehydration and death. Considering the heat, it is important not to forget the basic recommendations:

observe hand and food hygiene;

boil water or use bottled water;

do not swim in untested or polluted water bodies.

We keep the situation under control! We continue to work!

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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