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Depression. How to recognize and what to do?

How depression can affect a person's life

What can cause it

How to avoid it - advice from practicing psychologist Ilona Solonenko.

What is depression?

From the English "deep press" - "deep press". Melancholy is a state of depressed mood, sadness, depression.

But, if this condition lasts for a certain period of time, it is already clinical depression. There are more profound changes in brain functioning.

People develop apathy, the desire to do something disappears, and sometimes even the desire to live disappears.

There are many reasons for depression:

- there may be seasonal depression

(for example, in autumn);

- there may be vitamin deficiency;

lack of communication;

- some troubles and stresses;

- unbalanced nutrition;


It should also be taken into account that some people are more prone to certain conditions, taking into account their character and temperament, while others react to it more easily.

So, how do you beat depression?

Of course, recommendations are given after an individual consultation with a specialist.

However, there are simple tips on how to improve your psychological state:

First of all, pay attention to your diet!

Get a good night's sleep. Get more rest!

Don't sit behind your gadgets and computers.

Communicate more with friends and family. Psychologists have proven that people who have friends and communicate more are happier!

Also, I usually recommend exercise! Do sports, Nordic walking, take a walk, exercise.

Pets are great for overcoming depression.

And in a few days you will feel how your mood has improved.

And most importantly: try to accept the world as it is

Smile more, enjoy life!

But remember that we have only one And we need to live it in such a way that at an older age we can say: "Let's do it again!"

Therefore, if you feel any signs of apathy or unwillingness to do something, try these recommendations.

If you don't feel better, contact a specialist

Prepared by: specialists of the Brodiv Department of the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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