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Booster vaccinations against COVID-19

You can protect yourself from the severe course of the corona virus disease and its consequences thanks to vaccination, which is free of charge for all residents of Ukraine. Exactly how many vaccinations do you need to have to feel protected? Who needs booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and when?

Healthy adults under the age of 60 and children over the age of 5 can also receive such booster shots if they wish, but only if there are enough vaccines for at-risk groups.

You can get vaccinated against COVID-19 free of charge at any vaccination point located in primary health care centers.

Source: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Only half of the residents of Lviv Oblast received a full course of vaccinations against the coronavirus, that is, two doses of the vaccine. And only one in five received the recommended booster vaccination.

Vaccinated against coronavirus in Lviv Oblast:

1,102,787 people with one dose;

1,039,575 people received the second dose;

the first booster seat - 211,795 people;

the second booster - 25,473 residents of Lviv Oblast.

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