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About the danger of measles

Today we are talking about the danger of measles. Why? In Ukraine, 2 cases of the disease among children have been confirmed. The virus is very easily transmitted from person to person who has not been sick and is unprotected (the virus flies!). You can protect a person by making 2 doses of the vaccine. In Ukraine, they use trivaccine, which simultaneously protects against measles, rubella, and mumps. The first dose is given at the age of 1 year, the second - at the age of 6! If you don't have time - we can do it at any time, as soon as possible! If adults have not been vaccinated, 2 doses should be given with an interval of 1 month. If you came into contact with a measles patient, you have 72 hours to get vaccinated according to the epidural indications. How to know that it is measles? The beginning as an acute respiratory syndrome. Days 4. There may be conjunctivitis and a pertussis cough. There may be white spots like semolina on the mucous membranes. I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is worth getting tested for the coronavirus during this period. And, of course, stay at home. Rashes appear from the 5th day. Spots and pimples (papules) on their background. Rashes go from top to bottom - head, arms, trunk and legs. High body temperature, as a rule. There is no need to anoint anything with greens!!!! It is necessary to notify the family doctor and stay at home, because a person is contagious 5 days after the appearance of rashes!!!! Next, the doctor will coordinate your actions. Why is measles dangerous? Complications. Most often - pneumonia (11% in Lviv region during the last upsurge) and inflammation of the brain substance (encephalitis) - 2%, respectively. There can be inflammation of all organs and systems. And, unfortunately, the disease can end fatally. Therefore, we do not wait, but vaccinate those who have not yet had time to protect. We monitor the state of our health!!!!

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