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About the danger of burning garbage

With the arrival of spring, garbage and last year's leaves are cleaned in cities and fields, the territories of enterprises and houses, recreation areas, and roadsides, and the accumulated waste is often burned.

It would seem that nothing special has been done, but cleanliness and order are ensured. However, this opinion is wrong! The burning of stubble and fallen leaves leads to the destruction of the ground cover, a decrease in its fertility and a violation of the structure. Plant residues burn out, soil-forming organisms, worms, insects and other animals die, which are an irreplaceable link in the natural chain of regeneration and maintenance of the earth's fertility.

Burning the remains of dry vegetation, leaves and various garbage is the cause of significant air pollution, which has a harmful effect on people's health. During burning, dangerous, and sometimes even carcinogenic, substances are formed that can cause irritation or even disease of the respiratory tract, eyes, skin, breathing difficulties, cause headache, cough, allergic manifestations, weakening of immunity in a person, the negative course of chronic diseases increases. Microparticles of smoke reach the deepest parts of the lungs and remain there for a long time, which leads to respiratory diseases, a decrease in the volume of inhaled air and the ability of the lungs to assimilate this air. Irritated by smoke, the mucous epithelium of the respiratory tract loses its ability to resist microbes. Those who suffer from chronic diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract, children and the elderly are especially affected.

When burning plant residues, dust, nitrogen oxides, heavy metals, and a number of carcinogenic substances enter the air. For example, smoldering leaves emit benzpyrene, which can cause cancer. Smoke contains the chemical compound dioxin - one of the most poisonous substances for humans. The burning of polyethylene leads to the formation of about seventy different toxic chemical compounds, and from plywood or fiberboard, chipboard - hazardous to health formaldehyde resins.

Uncontrolled burning, among other things, causes fires and their spread in populated areas, which leads to significant material losses and even human casualties.

According to the State Service for Emergency Situations, there were 34 dry grass fires in Lviv Oblast on the day of March 14.

While tidying the fields and near your homes, think about whether you should endanger your health and that of your loved ones, destroy the environment and the atmosphere. It may be better to use other methods, such as removing waste to landfills, plowing fields and gardens, composting fallen leaves and dry vegetation.

By the way, significant fines are provided for burning dry grass, leaves, and garbage: for citizens from 3,060 to 6,120 hryvnias, for officials from 15,300 to 21,420 hryvnias

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