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About the consequences of a heavy downpour in the Lviv region

In Skhidnytsia (Drohobytskyi district) the Skhidnychanka river overflowed.

The water level has risen by 1.5 m. The banks are washed out along the entire length of the river.


6 streets, about 100 residential buildings, 10 hotels, 11 shops, 15 cars, 5 local bridges were damaged.

Water was pumped out of 16 households.

Gas and water supply to the village was temporarily stopped. 2/3 of the settlement is still without electricity.

The units of the State Emergency Service rescued 45 people (including 8 children).

Due to damage to 1 bridge in the village. Novy Kropyvnyk and 2 bridges in the village. Sorry, there is no access to 16 settlements. A detour is possible.

In the Stryi district, in the settlements of Pidhorodtsi and Urych, the road surface was washed away, traffic was blocked in the most dangerous place. Detour is provided.

Rescuers evacuated 60 people from the Tustan reserve, where the championship of Ukraine in sports mountain tourism was taking place. Among them are 44 children. Some of them went home with the help of the railway, others were temporarily accommodated in a local people's house.

As of this hour, the precipitation continues, but has decreased. The water went down by itself.

There are no victims or injured. The situation is under control. Rescue operations are ongoing.

The Lviv regional state administration held a meeting of the regional commission on technological and environmental safety and emergency situations chaired by Maksym Kozytskyi.

The heads of the Drohobytska and Stryi district military administrations, together with the relevant local self-government bodies, were obliged to ensure the prompt implementation of emergency rescue and other urgent works to eliminate the consequences of worsening weather conditions and rain floods in Skhidnytsia and Skolivska communities.

The Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Main Department of the State Production and Consumer Service in the Lviv region have strengthened the supervision of the sanitary and epidemiological situation in settlements affected by the consequences of worsening weather conditions in order to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases. Specialists of the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine collected water samples, including those from mineral sources, for bacteriological, virological and other studies.

I appeal once again to the residents:

Use only water of guaranteed quality.

Do not use water from wells and springs.

Boil tap water before use.

Brush your teeth only with water of guaranteed quality.

Wash vegetables and fruits only with water of guaranteed quality.

If you experience nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent loose stools, or an increase in body temperature, consult a medical professional.

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