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A touching post by CEO Nataliya Ivanchenko Timko about the coronavirus

Probably, no one will forget this period of time in Ukraine. What it was for me: the loss of 2 close people... Understanding that careless actions or neglecting the advice of specialists can take a person's life or cause infection and serious illness. That medical workers worked in incredibly difficult conditions. That someone's fate can depend on the ability to make a decision in a flash. That a team of like-minded people can create miracles and accomplish in 24 hours what is difficult to squeeze into 48). That the Leader's personal example is an incredible driving force. That the greatest treasure is PEOPLE! That every stress is not only gray hair, but also experience, hardening and systematization of skills and knowledge.

What is the result in Lviv Oblast:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 334,136 cases of COVID-19 have been registered. Lethal - 6,931.

1,099,278 people were vaccinated against coronavirus with one dose, 1,036,557 people received the second dose, 198,694 people received the first booster, and 18,898 residents of Lviv Oblast received the second booster.

During the last week, 1,634 tests for COVID-19 were conducted, of which 11 were positive. No deaths from COVID-19 were registered during the week. There are 39 patients in the hospital.

The coronavirus has not disappeared. It remains with us as a seasonal disease.

We have learned our lessons. We value life and health and work where we are most effective.

Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine KNP ENT "Lviv Regional Infectious Clinical Hospital" thanks the entire team and each specialist individually for their dedication and care!

Readiness for challenges is not words, it is a way of life and thinking).

I also thank all specialists who treated "covid" patients!

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