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A shower, a walk and a children's group - should you limit the child's lifestyle after vaccination?

After vaccination, the child can live a normal life, namely:

☛ go for walks, playgrounds, entertainment centers;

☛ attend school, kindergarten or any other classes;

☛ take a shower, bath after vaccination and wet the vaccination site. The main thing is not to rub the injection site so as not to cause unnecessary irritation;

☛ eat, drink and feast on any goodies.

The doctor should warn you about possible reactions to the vaccine - for example, rarely it is pain at the injection site or an increase in temperature. These are expected and quite likely manifestations after vaccination, which indicate that the immune system "learns to recognize and neutralize" new pathogens. If the child does not feel any discomfort, he does not need any drugs, especially "for prevention", or lifestyle restrictions. In addition, there is no need to treat the injection site or protect it.

More information about vaccination is available here:

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