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A fake about the introduction of quarantine due to an outbreak of hepatitis A is spreading on the In

This is a fake and part of the enemy IPSO.

The situation is under control in Lviv Oblast.

In the case of detection of disease outbreaks, the Ministry of Health will inform about it on the department's official website and pages in social networks.

We inform about the situation in our region on the official resources of the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2022, 281 cases of hepatitis A were registered in Ukraine. In 9 months of this year, there were 314 cases of the disease.

19 cases of hepatitis A were registered in Lviv Region in 2023.

Currently, an outbreak of hepatitis A has been recorded only in Vinnytsia. Enhanced anti-epidemic measures continue there.

Cases of hepatitis A are constantly registered on the territory of Ukraine.

The most frequent cause of the disease is a violation of sanitary and hygienic standards: poorly washed hands, use or consumption of contaminated water. A person can become infected if he drinks contaminated water or eats food prepared by a sick person.

Trust only official sources of information and do not spread false information.

More details here:

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