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A 6-hour online seminar on continuous professional development was held

A 6-hour continuous professional development online seminar "Adherence to the minimum requirements for the prevention of infections associated with the provision of medical care, infection control and countering the spread of pathogens with antimicrobial resistance" was held.

Why is this measure important? From 2024, the minimum infection control requirements for health care facilities will be in effect!

Resolution No. 376 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 21, 2023 provides for changes to the List of ensuring the appropriate level of provision of medical services under the contract with the National Health Service. The list is supplemented with minimum requirements for infection prevention, infection control, countering the spread of pathogens with antimicrobial resistance, and the quality of bacteriological research.

Accordingly, the contracting of health care institutions for 2024 under the medical guarantee program will take place taking into account the stipulated requirements for institutions that provide:

inpatient medical care:

☛ the presence of an infection control department, at the rate of 250 beds for at least one full-time person

☛ monitoring the consumption of antimicrobial drugs and keeping records of the consumed agents

☛ conducting routine epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases associated with the provision of medical care

the presence of a microbiological profile laboratory or a contract with a microbiological profile laboratory in which the EUCAST methodology for determining the sensitivity of pathogens to antimicrobial drugs is implemented and which is accredited for compliance with the requirements of DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17025 and/or DSTU EN ISO 15189

☛ compliance with established special requirements for the selection and decoration of premises

outpatient medical care:

☛ the requirement for the presence of an infection control department is not established, and it is allowed to transfer the tasks and functions of the infection control department to economic entities under the terms of a contract

Please note that all minimum requirements are defined in the current orders of the Ministry of Health, that is, they are not innovations!

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