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5 facts about how smoking affects the heart

1. Smoking causes coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

2. 1 in 10 deaths from cardiovascular disease is caused by smoking.

Every year, 50,000 Ukrainians die from cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking. This figure is 12% of all deaths from heart disease.

3. 1 year without tobacco reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by half.

4. 5-15 years without tobacco - the risk of stroke decreases to the level of non-smokers.

5. Quitting smoking halves the risk of a second heart attack.

Can't quit smoking on your own? Be sure to consult your family doctor! It is the doctor who can provide you with help in quitting smoking - conduct motivational counseling, direct you to the desire to change your behavior, and, if necessary, refer you to relevant specialists.

Source: Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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