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43 cases of measles (of which 21 – in children) were registered in Ukraine in eight months of 2023

At the same time, 11 of them were registered for the whole of 2022.

This year, measles was detected in 11 regions. The latest case was registered the other day in the capital. The 13-year-old unvaccinated child is currently in the hospital under the supervision of specialists. 34 students of one of the Kyiv gymnasiums who were in contact with the child are healthy and have no symptoms of the disease. Their condition is being monitored. The entire class has been transferred to online learning until the end of September.

Due to the low level of vaccination coverage, Ukraine is at risk of a measles outbreak. The outbreak was last recorded in 2017-2019. Then 41 people died (of which 25 were children). But outbreaks are cyclical and recur approximately once every five years.

Complications of measles are one of the common causes of child mortality in the world. Measles is dangerous for all unvaccinated people, but unvaccinated children are most vulnerable to it. In addition, through them, the virus quickly spreads among adults.

The disease can last four weeks or longer, have a very severe course. Its complications include inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), ear infection (otitis media), inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), other serious complications, as well as disability and death.

There is no specific treatment for measles, the only possible way to protect yourself is vaccination. Two doses of the vaccine are required to protect against measles. In Ukraine, they are made at the age of one and six years. The vaccine is provided by the state free of charge. If the child did not receive the first or second dose of the vaccine according to the schedule, they should be given as soon as possible.

In order for children who missed vaccinations for various reasons to catch up, the Ministry of Health initiated a nationwide campaign to vaccinate children against measles.

The following cases of measles were recorded this year:

in the Lviv region — 5

in the Ternopil region - 11

in the Khmelnytskyi region and the city of Kyiv - 6 each

in Vinnytsia, Volyn and Kharkiv regions - 3 each

in Kyiv and Rivne regions - 2 each

in Zakarpattia and Chernihiv regions - 1 each.

Vaccinations can be obtained from a family doctor or a pediatrician, at vaccination points, children's points of UNICEF "Together". There are also 312 mobile brigades operating in Ukraine, which travel to carry out vaccinations to remote areas, organized groups and people with reduced mobility. You can find out the address of the nearest vaccination point or find out the contacts of the regional vaccination coordinator to call a mobile team at the contact center of the Ministry of Health at the number 0 800 60 20 19.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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