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1,971 residents of Lviv Oblast were vaccinated against the flu last week!

People with heart disease should get a flu shot every fall. Why? What is the connection between them, because diseases of the heart and blood vessels are chronic, and the flu is an infectious disease. It would seem that we are talking about completely different things. In fact, the flu creates significant complications for the cardiovascular system. That is why it must be prevented.

Influenza vaccination reduces the risk of heart attack and other life-threatening heart conditions in the peak season of the disease by 25%, and hospitalization due to another complication, pneumonia, by more than 40%. This is a significant advantage of the flu vaccination.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that all patients with coronary heart disease receive a seasonal flu vaccine.

How can the flu cause complications for the heart and blood vessels? The viral infection triggers multiple inflammatory responses that damage the already unhealthy blood vessels in people with cardiovascular disease. In most cases, influenza causes inflammation of the heart muscle - myocarditis - and its severity can vary from mild to fatal. Even children and middle-aged people have heartache for weeks or even months after having the flu (and COVID-19). With the flu, the heartbeat accelerates - this is a consequence of the release of adrenaline. If there is an atherosclerotic plaque in any vessel, it is very likely to peel off during the flu. All this together increases the risk of thrombosis and heart attack.

Mid-autumn is the optimal time for the annual flu vaccination. Find an opportunity to vaccinate yourself and your loved ones - it's worth it!

Source: Ministry of Health

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